Does it work ? Beware of the too-simple answer

Hilda Bastian is cartoonist and writer at StatisticallyFunny blog

Does it work ? Beware of the too-simple Answer...
Beware of the too-simple Answer… by @HildaBast

Beware of the too-simple answer…

Hilda Bastian is Editor etc at PubMed Health, blogger at Scientific American. Commenting on epidemiology with cartoons at Statistically Funny

Leonard is so lucky! He’s just asked a very complicated question and he’s not getting an over-confident and misleading answer. Granted, he was likely hoping for an easier one! But let’s dive into it. ”

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by Hilda Bastian

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While heavily marketed, the DES Drugs never worked, more the opposite… like EDCs, they increase the risk of cancer and have transgenerational effects…

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4 thoughts on “Does it work ? Beware of the too-simple answer”

  1. Good one Hilda! I met Hilda when she headed up Maternity Alliance group in Australia and then later when she was Chair of Consumers Health Forum. Believe me, I made sure she knows about DES exposure! Maybe that contributed to the healthy skepticism reflected in her cartooning (??)

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