Let’s all convince Eli Lilly to adequately deal with the Reality of their Disaster – Time for Actions

A Guest Post by Dom
DES husband and father of three DES Grand-Daughters

Please "sign" the petition, consider adding EAv hashtag + ticker as suggested if appropriateFollowing this week historic trial in Boston – see the Melnick sisters related posts – DES Daughter Patricia Royall is targeting the CEO of Eli Lilly with the petition: Eli Lilly – Fess Up on DES!
(if, like me, you are not used to “American slang”, *Fess Up* = Confess).

Why adding your name to the petition is important

Enough talks and awareness efforts, it’s now time for real actions

  • When DES Daughter Domino DES Daughter Google+ icon and I started this crusade less than two years ago, our humble goal was to try to assemble the news from the spread action groups, and to inform the general public about a non-talked about, not-taken care of, and worldwide tragedy affecting millions…
  • The DES victims needs more research about third-generation side-effects. I wish to see real justice asking the responsible pharmaceutical companies to finance this adequately…
  • The world now needs all doctors to be fully informed about the current situation… for all DES victims to receive adequate care and prevention.
  • The world now needs the FDA to monitor properly what data is presented to them prior to accepting new drugs to be put on the market…
  • The world now needs the governments to sanction politicians who became corrupted, make sure that the health system in place is doing its job to protect their citizens with adequate control barriers in place for no other similar health tragedy to happen again…

Calling our Fans, Followers, and Social Media influencers I met via Empire Avenue

Please "sign" the petition, consider adding EAv hashtag + ticker as suggested if appropriate

  • Please “sign” the petition  – some celebrities already did – with option to leave it anonymous if you prefer…
  • This is an opportunity for any Empire Avenue “player” to show that we can look beyond the “game aspect” and that the EAv community can make a difference… consider adding #EAv + your (e)TickerName into your comment… see mine left (#254)  as an example
  • I really hope to see some of my Empire Avenue SuperStars friends like Art Jonak, Berrie Pelser, Michael Q Todd, Rami Kantari, Ryan Zeigler (to name just five of them) to please help spread the word

Let’s make this go viral and… thank you very much

77 thoughts on “Let’s all convince Eli Lilly to adequately deal with the Reality of their Disaster – Time for Actions”

  1. Crazy crazy stuff I am happy to talk about a campaign. Need a compelling photo and quote and spread one post around FB and Pinterest and G+ with a link back to this blog post (e)michaelqtodd
    michael q todd

  2. #291 (e)FR33CL they shouldn’t settle and the lawyers should add more victims further to this class-action suit.

  3. Reblogged this on michellegilstrap and commented:
    Reposting this very important message. Please consider signing this petition to the Eli Lilly. We must force them to come clean on the facts of DES which has affected generations. My mother took it and yours may have as well. It affects generations and until it is banned from all products and off the market completely will everyone be safe.

  4. 383 on the petition. reblogged as well and shared. It wasn’t until I read the petition that I stopped and realized I and my family have been affected by DES. I had the fibroid tumors and had to have a hysterectomy at age 40 and I had endometerosis and many in my family have autoimmune disease.

    1. I think the comments on the petition help many to realize the immensity of health problems caused by that poison and still with daily side-effects nowadays

      1. I am going to see if I can get my family to ready this post, it is really eye opening.

  5. Wish you the best of luck! I have signed the petition and shared on Twitter and G+! Great cause by the way.

  6. #439
    will spread the message through twitter… Anything to help the cause..

  7. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ I am (E) SCHMUMPKIN on EA. I feel bad for not knowing which number signer I am, ot I’d put that too. I hope this is okay. Great article.

  8. Sure are a lot of battles going on that congress could work on if they would quit playing politics!!

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