Environment and sustainable Health, Children with Cancer, Pregnancy and Drugs: our Responsability

Our children will accuse us

In 2008, in a little village in France, the mayor decided to take action and to move to bio food for their school… so that tomorrow, their children will not accuse them…

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    Nagin is the food which is the egg the Ova inside, which grows inside to promote the kin in the skin, after pro-teen age, it is the witness for fertility which makes the playing girl into a teenage girl, Bio food is the strength provider, which generates power to be utilized as the strength. All the strength of teen-girls are utilized for the maintenance of monthly menses, a monthly out come in the form of bad blood, the rotten waste after breaking out the Ova, when it is not consumed or utilized. It is known to be natural ingredient in life promotion, in mammals. The Nagan the sperm the sperm in the sperm count, He is the lord who climbs up and coagulate with the ova to form the spine of fetus. From this stage, one is responsible for the happening in the promotion of the new life, the life from life. The sperm is a moving foreign ingredient, Ova is a hanging fruit in side the womb, a branch in the woman. The sack is loaded with the stamp of the King head, the Jupiter. The sperm is the tail side of that coin, when arrives from the ballsack of the man which is the auspicious ingredient, which saves the dieing life of the Ova, is the Lifesaving mantra (Mrutyunjaya Mantra) which is know to the Venus the well wisher of the Rakshasas the devis.

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