Epidemiology of Women’s Health, Book covering some of DES Conditions

Students assigned this excellent textbook are reading about DES – with info sprinkled liberally throughout

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The Department of Epidemiology @ColumbiaMSPH brings a broad cells-to-society approach to population health research and a commitment to translation.

by Ruby T. Senie, PhD, Professor of Clinical Public Health, Columbia University, New York

With contributions from leading authorities in the field, this one-of-a-kind text explores the major health challenges and conditions specifically affecting women. Epidemiology of Women’s Health covers chronic, infectious, autoimmune and psychological conditions as well as the health disparities and differences in health behaviors to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the major female-specific needs that may be useful in developing effective public health programs. The text concludes with a review of the ethical aspects of gender-specific research studies. Divided into 10 sections, the book covers the following topic areas: Introduction to Epidemiology of Women’s Health; Personal and Community-Based Health Promotion and Morbidity Prevention; Sexual Health Across the Life Span; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Chronic Psychological and Psychosocial Conditions; Endocrine & Autoimmune Conditions; Malignancies; Chronic Conditions; Aging; and Impact of Research: Lessons from the Past, Challenges of the Future.

DES Action USA published this comment:
Students assigned this excellent textbook are reading about DES – with info sprinkled liberally throughout. Chapter 26 is even dedicated to the memory of a DES Daughter who died of breast cancer. Inside tip: turn to page 473 to see a picture of the author, Rubie Senie. We thank her for keeping DES front and center! – See book contents.

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