Epilim Sodium Valproate in Pregnancy

BBC1 Interview with Emma Friedmann of FACSaware

BBC1 East Midlands talks to Emma Friedmann, FACSaware, about the Flawed Warning System and the MHRA Protest

  • Video by jocozens1, Published on 31 Jul 2013
  • FACSaware aims to raising global awareness of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndromes and other Teratogen related syndromes. The Fetal AntiConvulsant Trust (F.A.C.T.) was set up in 2011 to campaign for responsibility from the government and drug company.

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2 thoughts on “Epilim Sodium Valproate in Pregnancy”

  1. I was taking epilim when I fell pregnant with my daughter at the end of 2000. I came of the medication as soon as I found out I was pregnant. But my neurologist told me mum’s worry too much and I should continue taking it. I refused. But my daughter is now 13 we have battled with the education authority for years, she now has a statement of special educational needs and she goes to a specialist dyslexia school where she also needs speech and language therapy. Glad I came off the tablets at about 5 weeks pregnant. I have a blog I’ve just started about our fight to get Dyslexia support

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Julie. Sorry to hear about your problems with the epilim drug. Beast of success with your new blog 🙂

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