FDA Panel recommends Roche HPV Test as Primary Tool for Cervical Cancer Screening

Can Roche’s DNA Test Replace Pap Smear?

image of roche hpv test
The Roche cobas® HPV Test is seen as better primary tool for cervical cancer screening.

The Food and Drug Administration‘s Medical Devices Advisory Committee Microbiology Panel agreed by a vote of 13-0 that a HPV test developed by Roche should be approved by the FDA as a primary tool for cervical cancer screening.

Currently, women are tested for human papillomavirus (HPV) during a Pap test – examining a cervical sample under the microscope looking for abnormalities. – or after a Pap smear shows abnormal changes on their cervix. The new cobas® HPV test from Roche detects the DNA of human papillomavirus which causes almost all cases of cervical cancer.

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