Fess-Up on DES: The Petition

Money won’t buy our silence!

Fess-Up on DES @LillyPad #EliLilly ! See on Pinterest and Sign @Royallgal #Petition to #KeepLillyHonest

My mum was prescribed DES in 1970. Eli Elly, and all drug manufacturers in the USA and in countries such as France and the UK where DiEthylStilbestrol continued to be prescribed well after the FDA issued a warning regarding the DES cancer link, should be condemned and should be forced to pay research for DES victims including the third generation (children of DES daughters). Money won’t buy our silence! Fess up on DES and take responsibility!

Signed #473: DES Daughter Network.

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3 thoughts on “Fess-Up on DES: The Petition”

  1. Hello to Dom and all who have signed the “Fess Up” petition. I just want to thank you once again and apologize for the difficulties some of you have had trying to sign. The petition site finally got fixed today and we are back in business and the numbers are already going up! I encourage those of you who tried to sign and couldn’t to try again. You may have to sign in on another computer and for this I apologize as well. Together we can make a difference and our voices may finally be heard. Thanks again! Patricia

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