Fracking waste commonly used in commercial applications

Is liquid waste from oil and gas operations on your sidewalk or in your pool ?

“They’ve spread it on roads. They’ve irrigated almond farms and fruit groves with it. The oil and gas industry’s liquid waste has been used for a variety of commercial and industrial purposes over the years. But never has the “beneficial use” of this waste stream been so grossly applied, or so close to home, as it is today.

Meet Eureka Resources and Nature’s Own Source. Both of these companies have attracted attention by processing liquid waste from oil and gas operations and creating commercial products for use in pools and on roads, sidewalks, patios, stairs or anywhere else a consumer may put it. “

Read Is Drilling and Fracking Waste on Your Sidewalk or in Your Pool?, February 21, 2019. Image credit Clorox® Pool&Spa™.

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