#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°3 – The Buck Moon #EAv #SocialNetworking

Friday 11th of July : join our #SocialMedia event taking place at each Full Moon – via #EAv – and give a boost to your social networking! #FullMoonEngageMe #SocialNetworking

The Buck Moon

Full Buck Moon
The Buck Moon – Photo editing by Connie Ricca

There are native American names for the full moons that you can find here, here or here.
July Month full moon is called Blood Moon, or Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month, or the Buck Moon.
Male deer, which shed their antlers every year, begin to regrow them in July, hence the Native American name for this month’s full moon.

#FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event N°3 Schedule

The event will start on Friday 11th of July at 12:00 noon UTC and last until Monday the 14th in HERE.

More information
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  • Please use the comment section to ask any question about the event.
  • You can join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after any FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.
    You can use this link – with no strings attached – to get some extra “eaves” at start !
    See you soon :-)

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