Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs: what is the #FullMoonEngageMe event about?
What does it cost to play? when does it run?
What do I need to do and where do I need to go?

Join our social media event taking place at each Full Moon and give a boost to your social networking!
  1. What is this about?
    It’s about networking ; it involves buying virtual stocks – on Empire.Kred (and help players improve in wealth) – and allows everyone to connect and super charge their social networking.
  2. What does it COST to play?
    Nothing apart some free time and free eaves.
  3. WHEN does it run?
    Check the full moon calendar dates to get an idea. Each event starts around the announced UTC time (near the full moon day) and usually lasts five days.
  4. What do I need to DO and WHERE do I need to go?
    1. You need to be a member of the EAv Gangstas, a free unrestricted community with open access, no need to apply, everybody is welcome.
    2. and then leave a comment in the pinned post ► dedicated thread/stream ◄ which thereby registers you.
  5. The sign-up post has been locked!
    The pinned post is prepared before the event start – to serve as an announcement – and is locked until the event starts.
    It does unlock during the event. When the event is over, the post is locked again.
  6. Do I have to stick around the full five days?
    Haha! Just come at your best convenience as often as you like 🙂
  7. I have commitments for the whole week and won’t be able to make it!
    We won’t delete the post… Based on that, if you get two free minutes during the event, you can come just to comment in the pinned post… Then you can always come back later when it suits you best to do your buys and connect… The post will be locked but it won’t be deleted, so you’ll always have access to it…
  8. I don’t have much eaves to spend. How can I get extra for FREE?
    There will be some “refuel” missions during the event.
    There are always some free “gift” missions around…
    You might also receive a “moon pie” – see below…
  9. Is there a suggested amount for spending? 
    If you are not “loaded“, spread your eaves so that you can buy a little in ALL participants. Feel free to repeat the operation in the next days if you wish…
  10. What are the Moon Pies?
    You can sometimes find them for sale in Empire.Kred shop during the event.
    Moon pies are to be thrown at someone else.
    Each moon pie received gives you an extra 100,000 eaves cash.
  11. Can you tell who sent you a Moon Pie?
    Yes: go to Empire.Kred “home“.
    Then  click on the [number] next to “Moon Pies sent to you”.
  12. Do I have to reciprocate Moon Pies?
    No. Some players do not spend real cash on Empire.Kred and moon pies are “expensive” for eaves. If you are a moon pie recipient, there are different ways (such as eaves investments, missions, engagement, status updates) to thank the people who sent you a friendly gift.
  13. What is the full moon network for?
    Kred has created a network which displays posts and tweets (via a feed) dedicated to the #FullMoonEngageMe events. You can get some specific content there and also give and get +Kred easily from fellow participants.

More information

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  • 2017.10 event N°43 Hunters Moon – EK thread.
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  • 2016.07 event N°28 Thunder Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.06 event N°27 Hot Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.05 event N°26 Milk Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.04 event N°25 Egg Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.03 event N°24 Crust Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.02 event N°23 Hunger Moon – EK thread.
  • 2016.01 event N°22 Old Moon – EK thread.
  • 2015.12 event N°21 Xmas Moon – EK thread.
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  • 2015.10 event N°19 Blood Moon – EK thread.
  • 2015.09 event N°18 Corn Moon – EK thread.
  • 2015.08 event N°17 Red MoonEAv thread.
  • 2015.07&08 N°16 Blue Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.07 event N°15 Hay Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.06 event N°14 Rose Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.05 event N°13 Flower Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.04 event N°12 Pink Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.03 event N°11 Worm Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.02 event N°10 Snow Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2015.01 event N°9 Wolf Moon – EAv thread.
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  • 2014.11 event N°7 Beaver’s Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.10 event N°6 Hunter’s Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.09 event N°5 Harvest Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.08 event N°4 Sturgeon Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.07 event N°3 Buck Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.06 event N°2 Strawberry Moon – EAv thread.
  • 2014.05 event N°1 Announcement – EAv thread.
  • More about the new social media event – Let’s Connect.
  • More about the new social media event – The Leaders.
  • More about the new social media event – The Reasons.
  • Use the comment section to ask any question about the #FullMoonEngageMe event.
  • You can join – for FREE – Empire.Kred at anytime – before and after any FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.

See you soon and have fun 🙂

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