Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event – Let’s Connect!

Wednesday 28th of May – join our NEW social media event taking place at the Full Moon – via #EAv – and give a boost to your social networking! #FullMoonEngageMe #SocialMedia #SocialNetworking

How did I get the Idea of this New SoMe Event?

Click to join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after the first #FullMoonEngageMe Social Media Event.

Of course I was inspired by the enthusiasm and success generated over the years by the [X]PendaPalooza events on Empire Avenue.
I think they brought lots of extra fun in the game. The Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event should not conflict with [X]PendaPalooza and EAv players should see some major differences soon.

#FullMoonEngageMe Vs Xpenda : the Differences

  • I am sure there will be lots of buys too with #FullMoonEngageMe , but I hope the reasons to join  will be more to make new valuable connections rather than build portfolio wealth and share price higher value ([X]PendaPalooza is a buy-frenzy. EAv players get a massive boost on share price. That’s why some rush to be in very early).
  • Participants will also post in a thread – but – instead of just adding your ticker link, you will be recommended to add few words sounding a bit more “creative“… It can be one of your jokes or favourite quotes, it can be something about you, it can be anything of interest for the other participants…
  • Since the best way to connect on Empire Avenue is by becoming a shareholder, we will ask participants to invest at least 5-10 shares in ALL participants (and not to focus on the best stocks only… remember the goal is to engage…).
  • We will ask anyone joining the #FullMoonEngageMe to follow each other on EAv (green button under the profile image).
  • We hope you’ll take this opportunity to also connect some other networks (personally I plan to send friend/contact requests for Facebook and Linkedin to ALL participants).
  • The community admins plan to help – via missions – more especially those in need of support (more details later). We hope that the event will help some people feel a bit better in the unlikely event some find themselves slightly struggling with the platform.
  • While [X]PendaPalooza usually lasts 24 hours only , #FullMoonEngageMe will last few days, starting on the full moon day until the next Monday. The SoMe event will always take place in the same community, at a predictable date, every four weeks. Therefore we he hope to meet regularly with the same people AND also with some new faces in order to help the whole EAv community grow.

Please use this post comment section to ask any question about the event and/or share any suggestion…
Stay tuned for more information – more posts with more details soon !

You can join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after the first FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.
You can use this link – with no strings attached – to get some extra “eaves” at start! See you soon 🙂

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  2. For some reason, when I try to join it accept the request and when I go back the community it has not recorded the request. Are we not supposed to be joining the community as part of this process?

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