Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event – The Reasons

More reasons why this monthly event was created

Yesterday I announced launching soon a NEW SoMe event:
the first EAv Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event,
starting Wednesday 28th of May.

More reasons why the event was created

empire avenue logo
Click to join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after the first FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.

After joining Empire avenue (EAv), you become involved as a social stock with lots of benefits.
Your stock appears in the “Recently Listed” section, you attract lots of virtual investors who often leave a friendly message on your EAv wall. This is fun, buzzing and exciting. After seven days, your “Fresh Face” status expires, meaning there is even more fun, buzz and excitement… Then, after a couple weeks, it can become quiet for some, even too quiet… some people might start thinking : what was the point of all this, what is this all about?
The SoMe event should help people in meeting some of the most active EAv players happy to share their own tips (about their use of the platform, sharing similar interests, etc.).

Empire Avenue is somehow much more complex that it seems; it is easy for any user to get confused on what is best to do…
For example, some will tell you how to Put Empire Avenue on Steroids , describe their 7 Pillars Of Your Empire Avenue Success , share their 5 steps for a successful start on Empire Avenue or their Empire Avenue Beginners Guide… While I think there is no really wrong way, each method suggested above will impact the time you spend on the platform, impact your connections and perhaps your image too… so it is easy to get a bit lost… Connecting and chatting with other players helps build trust and find out what might suit you best at the time.
I hope the event will help addressing that point too, would you like to.

On EAv, you receive – virtual – daily earnings from your “eaves” investments – assuming you login at least once every 30 days.
The Full Moon Engage Me Social Media Event should be an extra motivation for non regular EAv users to login more often and/or to make new valuable connections – easily and quickly.

The actual limits of [X]PendaPalooza and the idea to have something similar and different at the same time, but on a much more regular and predictable basis.

Please use this post comment section to ask any question about the event.
Stay tuned for more information – more posts with more details soon !
You can join – for FREE – Empire Avenue at anytime – before and after the first FullMoon EngageMe Social Media Event.
You can use this link – with no strings attached – to get some extra “eaves” at start! See you soon :-)

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  1. Thank you! You have been very helpful for this here newbie on EA! Still getting the hang of it and wish I had more time to sit down and “play” but what I do know so far is that it is fun and I have met some great people!

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