Global Glyphosate Study : changing the way safety studies are performed on chemicals

It is time for science to become independent on every level

In 2017, the Ramazzini Institute, with the support of other independent institutes and Universities in Europe and United States, launched the most comprehensive study ever on glyphosate and glyphosate-based herbicides.

Aiming to produce independent and solid scientific evidence, the Ramazzini Institute has decided not to accept any funding for the study from the industry that produces glyphosate-based herbicides or from the organic farming or food industry – to avoid all conflicts of interest.

In 2015, Dr. Patrick Moore, a controversial lobbyist, said that glyphosate was safe to drink…

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        “they don’t have them anymore” > Who’s “they”?
        Did you try your local pharmacy?
        Please see my previous reply,
        Best wishes

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