Ground Water polluted by Toxic Teflon Chemical, C8, PFCs in several States

Meanwhile chemical GenX used to replace the surfactant PFOA found to cause many of the same health problems in lab tests that the original chemical did, including cancer and reproductive problems

New information emerged last month about toxic contamination from chemicals used to manufacture Teflon pots and pans and many other consumer, military, and industrial products.

Water tests in several states have revealed a growing number of sites where the groundwater is polluted by the most well studied of these chemicals — C8 or PFOA — prompting calls from a group of state governors for federal action.

State officials want the Environmental Protection Agency to issue federal guidelines on how to understand the hazards of PFCs and how best to respond when water pollution is discovered.

Meanwhile there are new indications that another perfluorinated chemical (PFC), heavily promoted by chemical manufacturers as a safer substitute for C8, is also toxic and just as persistent in the environment as C8, raising questions about the adequacy of a voluntary C8 phase-out agreement promoted for the past decade by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Meanwhile, chemical industry’s own research indicates that “safer substitutes” are also potentially hazardous.

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Earth Island Journal, APRIL 4, 2016.
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  1. As one of seven sisters which now five of us in our sixties and seventies to date, have succumbed to Cancer. I ask “is this too much of a coincidence or is it the untold chemical problems which our governments are not telling us the truth because the real culprit is of chemical pollution“!

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