Guilt, Anger and Fear

The anxiety one must feel when diagnosed with a condition that was thrust upon them

I leave in a constant state of fear” explains a 48 year-old DES daughter who recently took her DES story to court as part of a 53-woman civil law suit.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and like all these women she was exposed to DES before birth. In this poignant video, she and her mother tell us about the guilt, anger and fear attached to this drug and how it is affecting their day to day lives.

Recent studies revealed that women exposed to Diethylstilbestrol Diethylstilbestrol DES on Facebook before birth are now facing a myriad of serious health risks starting in their 40s and 50s.

The women in this study were followed as part of the National Cancer Institutes (NCI)’s DES Follow-up Study, which began in 1992.

The cancer risks for exposed daughters, as well as sons, are continually being studied as they age to determine if they differ from an unexposed population.

In addition, researchers are studying possible health effects on the grandchildren of mothers who took DES Diethylstilbestrol DES Google+ Page icon during pregnancy, because some of the genetic changes caused by DES exposure in the womb may be inherited.

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10 thoughts on “Guilt, Anger and Fear”

  1. It is really frightening to think we may not know if the repercussions of this drug will ever end. What generation will be the last to have to suffer the consequences?

  2. Anti-Aging research reveals a whole spectrum of toxic substances this population was exposed to which makes accountability even more urgent .

  3. This is a great interview and report. I hope all those affected sue and get tons of money, but I am certain it is a bitter victory given the generational damage done to their health and their children’s health. I am glad to see that fighting back gets some recompense, though how can that be enough when it affects the quality and the length of your children’s lives too?

  4. We all do a great job sharing your information farther. Thanks for bringing it up again and again!

  5. It is difficult to even imagine the anxiety one must feel when diagnosed with a condition that was thrust upon them. Natural illness can be excused away but not DES

  6. So scary to know that most of the folks affected have no idea that they are at risk. There has to be a better way to collect and report this data.
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  7. Does anyone know if there is going to be court action against these drug companies in the UK? I am a DES daughter off to hospital on Monday for biopsies :((

  8. My personal opinion, and it is not only my personal opinion, that pharmacological medicine is only covering the symptoms. If you want to cure the disease, look at all options first. Do your own study on the subject, get second, third or as many opinions from competent professionals before you start taking any particular medicaments. Do your own reserch on the internet! You will be surprised of how many times thousands of people became victims of sideeffects of drugs and most of them had to fight for years and sometimes for decades to proof it and get compensated. Do not forget that doctors get payed to sell drugs and not for the results of a treatment.

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