Health and Wellness at Work, infographic

Integrating Effective Health and Wellness Strategies in the Workplace

The number of health risks in the United States is incredibly high. When employees feel sick or need medical attention, they are entitled to sick days, which means there will be less productivity at the workplace while labor costs will remain the same. Furthermore, other employees will have to do extra work to cover for the sick employee. That is why integration of health and wellness strategies in the workplace is highly recommended.

  • This infographic was created by Eastern Kentucky University’s Online Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety program:
    – Number of Employees with Health Risks.
    – The Relationship Between Health and Workplace Productivity
    – Importance of Health and Wellness in the Workplace
    – Health and Wellness Programs
    – Encouraging Employee Participation in Wellness Programs
    – Wellness Incentives
    – The Impact of Health and Wellness Programs
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