Healthy Living Home – Top Tips Card

Prevention starts at home

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Prevention starts at home.

Read the tips below, then download the printable card to share with friends and family.

1.  Eat organic and kick the can
When possible, choose organic foods and hormone-free meat and dairy. Buying products grown organically reduces pesticide use, which is good for families, farmworkers and the environment. And avoid canned foods until companies replace toxic BPA-based can linings with safe alternatives.

2.  Take it easy on the plastic
When choosing kitchenware and water bottles, go old-school with stainless steel and glass. And never microwave in plastic—even “microwave-safe” plastic can leach chemicals into your food when heated.

3.  Choose cleaning products that show you what they’re made of
Companies are not required to disclose ingredients of cleaners and detergents, so look for products made by companies that disclose ingredients, or make your own with things like baking soda and vinegar. For recipes check out Vassar College’s Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer Program.

4.  Stick with oil for pans that don’t stick, and use elbow grease to remove stains
Although there’s no denying they make our life easier, non-stick pans and stain-resistant materials can contain toxic polyfluorinated chemicals. Choose stainless steel or cast iron pots and pans, and consider skipping the stain-resistant clothes and carpets

5.  Join the Breast Cancer Fund to learn the science, get more tips and take action.

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