HGP-Write: Testing Large Synthetic Genomes in Cells

Scientists want to synthesize the human genome. What does that mean?

Scientists Talk Privately About Creating a Synthetic Human Genome, nytimes, MAY 13, 2016.

Scientists met at Harvard University recently to discuss the fabrication of a human genome, meaning they would use chemicals to manufacture all the DNA contained in human chromosomes.

The project, called HGP-Write, is spurring both intrigue and concern in the scientific communities because it may become possible, such as through cloning, to use a synthetic genome to create human beings without biological parents.

Scientists Want To Synthesize The Human Genome. What Does That Mean?, newsy, May 15, 2016.

Image James King-Holmes/Science Source.

The Human Genome Project was aimed at reading the sequence of the three billion chemical letters in the DNA blueprint of human life. The new HGP-Write project would involve writing the human genome – synthesizing all the three billion units data from chemicals – and could have a big “scientific payoff“…

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