How Breastfeeding History reduces Women’s Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

And long time breast-feeding may benefit children’s cognitive development too…

Breastfeeding May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
Maternal breastfeeding history and Alzheimer’s Disease Risk

A new study suggests that mothers who breastfeed run a lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s, with longer periods of breastfeeding further reducing the risk.

  • Women who breastfed exhibited a reduced Alzheimer’s Disease risk compared with women who did not
  • Longer breastfeeding history was significantly associated with a lower Alzheimer’s Risk
  • Women who had a higher ratio of total months pregnant during their life to total months breastfeeding had a higher Alzheimer’s risk

Read Breastfeeding may reduce Alzheimer’s risk
by the Cambridge University, 5 Aug 2013.

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