How environmental Pollution impairs Children’s Brain Development

Chemical “brain drain” endangers generations of children

Opinion: 'Chemical brain drain' endangers generations of children
Grandjean’s studies of Faroe Islands children found reduced learning abilities in children exposed to mercury in the womb

Philippe Grandjean, professor and chair of environmental medicine at the University of Southern Denmark and blogging on Chemical Brain Drain, says: ” In the United States, one of every six children has a neurodevelopmental delay or a neurological disease. No one knows how many of those children faced environmental exposures that contributed to their problems. Chemical brain drain appears as a silent pandemic that is almost impossible to quantify. Economists have calculated that the value of lost IQ points in children exposed to chemical brain drainers worldwide are worth hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Having studied brain toxicity for 30 years, I realized that I must speak up. The adverse impacts on developing brains are serious enough to demand a loud response. In my book ‘Only One Chance’, I conclude: We get only one chance to generate a nervous system, so developing brains need vigorous protection. ”

Read Opinion: ‘Chemical brain drain’ endangers generations of children
by Philippe Grandjean, Environmental Health News, 13 September 2013.

Watch Chemical Brain Drain Video: One out of Six Children suffers from neurodevelopmental Abnormality.

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