How Many Drugs are in Our Drinking Water?

We are drinking WHAT?

” Thanks to the chemical, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, and antiquated water systems, people all over the world are imbibing a witch’s brew of drugs and chemicals often without realizing it.

Associated Press reported that:

  • Epilepsy and anxiety drugs were found in Southern California water.
  • Heart and epilepsy drugs were found in Northern New Jersey water.
  • An antibiotic was found in Tucson drinking water.
  • A sex hormone was found in San Francisco drinking water. “

Read “Drugs in the Drinking Water? Don’t Ask and Officials Won’t Tell”, Truthout, 21 March, 2016.

Public drinking water by Eric Parker.

Martha Rosenberg, Organic Consumers Association News Analysis, explains:

  • Aren’t Drugs Filtered Out?
  • Fish on Hormones
  • Fish on Psychoactive Drugs
  • Big Ag Contaminants

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