Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Wonder Drug for the ’90s?

The Advantages and the Disadvantages of HRT

HRT The Wonder Drug for the ’90s
Proceed with extra caution if you have been exposed to DES

What are your views about HRT?

Do you think the benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy during menopause are worth the risks, known and unknown?
Is the treatment safe for DES-exposed women?

Read HRT The Wonder Drug for the ’90s
by Isabelle Trépanier and Marie Cocking, DES Action Canada

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8 thoughts on “Hormone Replacement Therapy: The Wonder Drug for the ’90s?”

  1. I have to say, I did go on HRT against my doctors’ initial advice. When he watched me have 5 hot flashes in a span of 10 minutes, he agreed that I needed something because my life was being ruined. We tried bio identical first, and went from there. Right now on I’m on a fairly high dose of cenistin, but I truly needed it. Menopause was so difficult for me. I’m 8 years post-menopause and I still get hot flashes and cranky and the whole nine yards. I am totally in favor of HRT it is worth the risk, provided you understand the risks. And sometimes the benefit out weighs the risk.

    1. Hello I am in the beginning stages of menopause periomenopause.? This is so awful feeling of heat flashes every couple hours I’d like to learn more so I am am reading everything I can to help any info would be more than appreciated

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