Intersex Friendly Resources

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Media continues to play a vital role in spreading intersex awareness.

The Gay Straight Alliance Network, in collaboration with Inter/Act Youth, published a resource guide on How to Make Your GSA Intersex Friendly.

The work of the InterACT Youth Program continues to help spread awareness for the intersex movement. The most recent installment in the series of resource brochures published by the InterACT Youth Program, What We Wish Our Friends Knew, is referenced in the GSA Network Intersex resource.

The informative document includes a viewing guide to facilitate dialogue after GSA members watch the Buzzfeed video “What it’s like to be Intersex”.

Friendly Resources

  • PDF How to Make Your GSA Intersex Friendly.
  • PDF What we WISH our friends KNEW.
  • Video What it’s Like to Be Intersex.

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