Investigating Causes of Epigenomic and Genomic Errors

Germline Exposures March3, 2016 Webinar


Upcoming webinar, March 3, 2016, 1-3pm EST: “Environmental Exposures and the Germline: Investigating Causes of Epigenomic and Genomic ErrorsRegister here.

As evidence mounts that some forms of autism are driven by “de novo” errors in the germline (genomic glitches not present in either parent), the question arises: what environmental factors might contribute to this phenomenon? Leading researchers will delve into questions of germline plasticity, genotoxic exposures, and molecular events that affect DNA.


  • Dana Dolinoy, PhD, University of Michigan
    “Heritable epigenetic effects of germline exposure to toxicants”
    • Watch webinar with Dr. Dolinoy on Epigenie
  • Carole Yauk, PhD, Health Canada
    “Analysis of chemical exposures and life stage factors that contribute to genetic disease”. Read Yauk et al: “Approaches for Indentifying Germ Cell Mutagens
  • With commentary by: Cathrine Hoyo, PhD, UNC, and Lisa Chadwick, PhD, NIEHS

This 2-hour webinar, open to researchers and the public, is free, but you must pre-register. Spaces are limited. Register here.

Sources Germline Exposures.

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