Low-Cost IVF for developing and poor Resource Countries is feasible and effective

IVF as cheap as £170, doctors claim

IVF for 200 Euro Per Cycle
The science behind IVF is getting cheaper

A study performed in Belgium has shown that low-cost IVF for developing and poor resource countries is feasible and effective, with delivery rates not much different from those achieved in conventional IVF programmes. This proof-of-principle study, say the investigators, suggests that infertility care may now be “universally accessible”.
“We showed that the IVF methodology can be significantly simplified and result in successful outcomes at levels that compare favourably to those obtained in high resource programs,” they note. “We estimate that the cost of our simplified laboratory system is between 10% and 15% of current costs in Western-style IVF programs.”
They calculate that a cycle of in vitro fertilization with the simplified procedure can be performed for around 200 euro.

Read IVF as cheap as £170, doctors claim, by James Gallagher
BBC News  Health and Science reporter, 8 July 2013

Read IVF for 200 Euro Per Cycle: First Real-Life Proof of Principle That IVF Is Feasible and Effective for Developing Countries, Science Daily

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  1. A team of Doctors from Belgium disclosed this at Fertility Conference in London. They said twelve children have so far been born through the technique, which replaces expensive medical equipment with “kitchen cupboard” ingredients
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