Mastectomy Patients: meet the 3D Nipple Tattoos Michelangelo

Vinnie Myers, the tattoo artist transforming mastectomy patients’ scarred chests with incredible three-dimensional nipple inkings

In a small town north of Baltimore, a man has made a career out of making women become whole again. After preventative mastectomies, women are left with, usually, a reconstruction, but no nipples. Vinnie Myers of Little Vinnie’s Tattoo Shop helps clients traveling from all parts of the world who want to get his one of a kind 3D nipple tattoos.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • When can I get nipple tattoos done?
  • Is it possible to tattoo a reconstructed nipple?
  • If you have implant-only reconstruction, is there any risk for the tattoo needle accidentally puncturing the implant?
  • Can you correct a tattoo done in the plastic surgeon’s office?
  • What’s the difference between inks used in the doctor’s office and tattoo shops?
  • Will getting a nipple tattoo hurt?
  • How much can I expect one or two nipple tattoos to cost?
  • How do I find a tattoo artist to do my tattoos?
  • Do I need a consultation with the tattoo artist ahead of time?
  • How long will it take to create the tattoo?
  • How long will the tattoo(s) take to heal?
  • How does the color of the tattoo change over time?
  • Read Vinnie Myers, 3-D Nipple Tattoo Artist: FAQs,, September 4th, 2013
  • UK Contact: Richard Burley website

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