Mechanisms of Invisibility : forgotten Sentinels of DES Diethylstilbestrol Progeny

Mechanisms of Invisibility : Forgotten Sentinels of Diethylsbestrol Progeny
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In the fantastic post “Mechanisms of Invisibility : forgotten Sentinels of Diethylsbestrol Progeny” on OSI Bouaké – a bi-lingual website focusing mainly on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa – the following points are covered in detail:

  • Diethylstilbestrol was one of the first identified endocrine disruptors. However, efforts to warn french physicians about the drug’s potentially dangerous effects on pregnant women failed. Emmanuelle Fillion and Didier Torny show how sentinels sometimes don’t work
  • A non-existent sentinel group : DES-exposed progeny
  • Useless sentinels or how to avoid publicizing DES knowledge
  • A singular history or how endocrine disruptors did not transform DES

Read Mechanisms of Invisibility : forgotten Sentinels of #Diethylsbestrol Progeny, published 27 June 2013

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