My Journey from DES Advocate to Author

by Judith Barrow, Hormones Matter, June 20th 2013

My Journey from DES Advocate to Author
Judith Barrow became an advocate for DES education, research and services

My name is Judith Barrow and I am an author. I have been connected with DES Action UK and USA since I heard a programme about Stilboestrol (Diethylstilbestrol in the USA) (DES) on the radio many years ago. I learned several years ago that a relative was affected by this drug.

The damage DES causes is very personal and as private person, she didn’t want anyone to know that she had been exposed to DES. So I became her front person. I did the research for her. I contacted the DES organizations on her behalf. What I found changed my life and led me to write a book. Here is my story. ”

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by Judith Barrow, HormonesMatter, June 20th 2013.

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