Nothing to hide and tons to expose

“I am willing to share my story in all it’s tit details to bring awareness”

My neighbor, Sharon, got diagnosed with a brain tumor from DES given her mother. It was about 1971 and she was about 13 or 14. I was 11 when I brought the news home to my Mom. She went silent. I asked what was wrong and she told me she’d had a miscarriage between my older sister and me. She’d been told to Not get pregnant again. As soon as the doctor became aware of her pregnancy with me, he’d prescribed a miscarriage prevention drug and a glass of wine a night to calm her nerves. My mother called the obstetrician right then. He told her a drug name that wasn’t DES.

We thought I was safe. He lied! 56 years of bad meds, BUT 15 useful surgeries. Only some help for Birth Defects: eyes; severe astigmatism and lack of left eye left abductor tendon (left eye MUST perceive Autism spectrum style: go cross eyed looking left); and sacral dimple; PCOS, Endometriosis, which had gotten into my sinuses requiring ovectomy and hysterectomy (surgical menopause at 44), Diabetes, 7 miscarriages, PTSD, Optical Migraines, prolapsed urethra, osteoporosis, osteo-arthritis plus 30 years of extreme levels of both male and female hormones. At least 5 physicians agree likelihood I was born hermaphroditic and surgically altered to female at birth. My parents possibly unaware. My parents thought my LGBT was crazy and using family member police officer got me thrown into the psychiatric system at 22. Blame and shame the victim. Can’t be an angry woman. Can’t get doctors to care about any physical issues if they’re prejudiced. The good doctors who aren’t prejudiced assume other doctors are not either. No One is willing to rock the boat.

Finding this information and now, everything about my life fitting. It’s not ME. It’s not my fears. The insurance, medico, pharmico complex is still scrambling to cover this up completely. Mind Blown at buying the lie it wasn’t “DES” for 45 years. Wish I had a power base to help. I am willing to share my story in all it’s tit details to bring awareness. I have nothing to hide and tons to expose.”

Rev. Poohzen D. Bear SOMAS
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