Overused CT Scans are exposing Patients to Dangerous Levels of Radiation

We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer

We are giving ourselves cancer
We are giving ourselves cancer

Despite great strides in prevention and treatment, cancer rates remain stubbornly high and may soon surpass heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. Increasingly, we and many other experts believe that an important culprit may be our own medical practices: We are silently irradiating ourselves to death.

The use of medical imaging with high-dose radiation — CT scans in particular — has soared in the last 20 years…

Continue reading We Are Giving Ourselves Cancer, The NewYork Times, 30 Jan 2014. An Opinion Page by Rita F. Redberg, cardiologist, and Rebecca Smith-Bindman, radiologist, from the UCFS Medical Center.

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4 thoughts on “Overused CT Scans are exposing Patients to Dangerous Levels of Radiation”

  1. This article does not represent current state of knowledge in this field, and makes many misleading statements. I have presented a line-by-line criticism of the article in my blog.
    CT scans are safe, and the present concerns regarding radiation dose from CT scans are not justified by any evidence.
    Mohan Doss

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