The Parents who sued Doctors over their Toddler’s Sexual Assignment Surgery

Parents Sue Doctors For Deciding Their Kid Is A Girl

We just hate that there were choices made that could have a significant impact on his being able to be a man” said the parents who accuse hospital of negligence and medical malpractice for not getting the patient’s informed consent before surgery.

In 2013, in a first of its kind lawsuit, Greenville, S.C., residents Pam and Mark Crawford decided to sue the doctors who gave their adopted son sex assignment surgery while in foster care. MC, who had been deemed a female by doctors, had surgery at 16 months to “correct” his status as intersex (having both male and female genitalia), but is struggling with this assigned identity now at 10 years old. His parents are grieving that such a decision was made for him before he was able to make it himself.

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