PIP and Pregnancy: faulty Breast Implants could affect Foetus Development

Experts dispute conclusion of PIP breast implant scandal investigation

PIP breast implant campaigners question findings of independent report
Faulty PIP implants may pose pregnancy risk

The PIP faulty breast implants that were fraudulently filled with industrial-grade silicone may have caused their recipients harm, claim environmental scientists via the Royal Society of Medicine. The experts are particularly concerned about a chemical in the silicone filling that has been identified as an endocrine-disruptor – a substance that could potentially have an effect on the development of a foetus in the womb.

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4 thoughts on “PIP and Pregnancy: faulty Breast Implants could affect Foetus Development”

  1. Now I have a serious doubt… I am not kidding. Can a woman really breast feed after implant? And if that is possible, the new born will be consuming endocrine-disruptor eventually???

    1. It’s not just about breastfeeding. Anything a pregnant woman absorbs *during* pregnancy is also “transmitted” in-utero to the foetus. “Dealing” with endocrine-disruptor at “development” stage can modify some cells etc. to a no-way back point…

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