PIP Inquiry rejects DES Story

In summary, by its actions and inactions, the TGA has stymied the availability of data to the Department of Health and Ageing in relation to the magnitude of the DES problem in Australia

PIP Inquiry Rejects DES StoryGreat disappointment from Down Under! Australian Senate PIP Inquiry rejects DES story’s correlation to PIP breast implant scandal … This is tragic for PIP recipients and all other victims of drug/medical device disasters. Kudos to DES Activist Carol Devine for making a submission about the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) mismanagement of the DES drug disaster and how this correlates to the TGA’s current handling of the PIP scandal. It’s so disheartening for DES Activists all over the world … What will it take for the DES story to be heard and its lessons to be learned …?????

Read PIP Inquiry Rejects DES Story.

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