Post #Cancer Treatment needs to change dramatically, building a better Future for Cancer Patients

We've come a long way, but post cancer treatment needs to change dramatically
Support for people living with or beyond cancer should not finish after treatment but continue into a phase of supported aftercare

More people are being diagnosed with cancer than ever before, and as treatment improves, more people are living longer with cancer than ever before. The number of people living with cancer in the UK is increasing by 3% every year. We know that there are currently two million people in the UK living with a cancer diagnosis, and if the current rate continues, the number will have doubled to four million people by 2030. Evidence shows that many of these cancer survivors have unmet needs, particularly at the end of treatment, whilst others are struggling with consequences of treatment, that could be either avoided or managed. ”

Read World Cancer Day: We’ve come a long way, but post cancer treatment needs to change dramatically, by Stephen Hindle, Cancer Survivorship Programme Lead at Macmillan Cancer Support, Feb 2013

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