Pregnancy Apps: where is the Reset Option for Miscarriages?

A plethora of pregnancy apps promise answers and support during this life-changing time…

I was preparing a post overview about pregnancy apps, when I came across a review that I found of circumstance for DES Daughters and DES Grand Daughters:

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A plethora of pregnancy apps promise answers and support during this life-changing time…
Okay, sounds great, but where is the reset option for miscarriages?

It was an awesome app while I was pregnant but at 10 weeks 3 days at our first US we found out I am miscarrying. This is very emotionally painful for anyone who has to go through this. This app just made it worse, there is no “report a miscarriage” button or even a reset button. When I tried to erase this pregnancy the app even pops up a message saying “you must have at least one baby entered in the app” this message alone made me tear up and say “well thanks, ya I know I don’t have a baby anymore thanks a lot webmd” now I’ll just have to wait for the continued email update of my pregnancy and opt out that way, causing more pain. please make some changes to the app to make this an easier transition for moms who experience miscarriages. Thanks

Many DES-exposed women have experienced miscarriages, and even recurrent miscarriages… Some of us want to have kids but are struggling or unable to…
Sadly for many DES daughters having their own children is not possible!
Read more about DES pregnancy risks and studies about DES and pregnancy.

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  1. It is really sad that a developer neglected to consider this. Thank you for sharing something so thoughtful that I hope the creators of these applications consider – that sensitive and unanticipated withdrawal of your information. My heart goes out to every woman who has endured this emotionally devastating event in their lives and thank you for raising such a sensitive matter.

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