Recharging the batteries with refurbished eggs, or just many unknowns?

Can You Really Freshen Up Women’s ‘Aging’ Eggs?

Every medical treatment has risks and benefits and no outcome can ever be guaranteed says OvaScience… Image of team at at ESHRE 2015.

A fertility treatment company called OvaScience, claims it can “increase IVF success rates by improving egg health, increasing egg reserve and developing the next generation of IVF“. They say their AUGMENTSM treatment method aims to improve the health of an egg’s mitochondria, which are the tiny powerhouses that give cells the energy to divide and grow.

But experts advise caution over those claims. Although some early evidence suggests aging mitochondria could reduce a woman’s fertility, expert say, there are no studies that prove the new method will work. In addition, the company isn’t forthcoming with details of its process…

Read Can You Really Freshen Up Women’s ‘Aging’ Eggs? livescience, March 20, 2015.

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