DES DiEthylStilbestrol Resources (2)

Want to know more about the pregnancy drug DiEthylStilbestrol?

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My DES Daughter Journey – Introduction
The journey started with a miscarriage and an operation. Now my DES journey is taking a new start with my Diethylstilbestrol “Journal of a DES Daughter”.

My DES Daughter Journey – Doctors
I have been exposed to DES but doctors needed more evidence to accept that diethylstilboestrol had contributed to my miscarriage.

The FDA is lying by omission
M. Henderson (US FDA) and C. McCarthy (screenwriter) communication about the health benefits of limiting the use of DES diethylstilbestrol in pregnancy.

International Women’s Day March 2011
Attend Journal of a DES Daughter International Women’s Day event on Facebook. Celebrate the courage of women affected by diethylstilbestrol.

French study reveals more damaging DES side effects
Link between DES and mental illness issues revealed by a recent study conducted by M.O. Gobillard-Soyer, former director at the CNRS.

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