Squibb Diethylstilbestrol Tablets U.S.P. 1 mg

DES Manufacturer: ER Squibb & Sons, New-York

image of squibb-stilbetin-1mg
DES was sold under many different names.

DES was sold under many names including Distilbène®, Stilbetin®, Stilboestrol-Borne®, Benzestrol®, Chlorotrianisene®, Estrobene® and Estrosyn® to name just a few.

Many different companies manufactured and marketed this drug under more than 200 different brand names.

These Stilbetin Squibb Diethylstilbestrol Tablets U.S.P. 1 mg were manufactured by ER Squibb & Sons, New-York.

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  1. can you please send me an email address where I can message you privately please. Marie Lyon/Chair Association for children damaged by HPT’s.

  2. How can these companies not be held liable for such a catastrophic epidemic. I am a DES daughter with a long history from this exposure.

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