Stop Glyphosate

No more weed killer in our bodies

Did you know your food is likely being sprayed with a weed killer that is classified as probably causing cancer by the World Health Organisation? This toxic chemical called glyphosate is found in nearly every second person’s urine. And it was found in breast milk too. It might well already be present in your body.


No more weed killer in our bodies. Decline the renewal of glyphosate, a poison commonly used in pesticides like Monsanto’s Roundup. Independent experts of the WHO classified it as a probable cause of cancer. We do not want this poisonous chemical anywhere near our parks, our homes, or our food.

We don’t want our neighbourhoods sprayed with cancer-inducing poison. We don’t want our fruits and vegetables to come from farmers who use glyphosate-based weed-killer.

Our national Governments and the European Commission needs to know we won’t stand by. Please share this action with friends and family.

SIGN THE PETITION NOW to stop Glyphosate!

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