Suspension of FDA Approval urged for new Morning Sickness Drug Diclegis

Another preventable future health tragedy?

#Diclegis is #FDA approved to replace #Bendectin as new Morning Sickness DrugJill Escher, from Prenatal Exposures Never Die, the blog about epigenetics, autism, and the multigenerational tragedy of prenatal pharmaceutical use, wrote to the FDA on April 11. 2013.

I am writing to urgently request that the FDA take immediate steps to suspend approval for the prenatal drug Diclegis pending appropriate safety testing for impacts to fetal germ cells, the precursor cells to the baby’s egg or sperm. In addition, I urge the FDA to take immediate steps to issue warnings regarding potential germline impact of all prenatally administered drugs… ”

Read Suspension of Approval Urged for New Morning Sickness Drug, Diclegis, Pending Assessment of Fetal Germline Impacts, April 11. 2013.

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