Who says SSRIs are Safe?

Antidepressants simply cannot be considered to be “safe” in pregnancy

Adam Urato, MD, image
Antidepressants simply cannot be considered to be “safe” in pregnancy. Adam Urato, MD, explains why this is the case and address the counterarguments.

The issue of the safety of antidepressants in pregnancy has never been more important as more and more women of childbearing age take these medications and exposure rates during pregnancy increase worldwide. The topic really is not that complicated. It’s just common sense that serotonin plays a crucial role in fetal development. The antidepressants cross the placenta, into the developing fetus, and chemically alter that serotonin system. So it shouldn’t surprise us that animal and human research is showing harm… ”

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Dr Adam Urato‘s post reviews the evidence in this area and address the counterarguments, mad in america, December 8, 2014.

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