Will the “Female Viagra” really help women?

Concerns remain for the flibanserin drug, twice rejected by the FDA

pink-viagra image
The makers of the flibanserin pill intended to boost sexual desire in women will try again this week to persuade regulators that the drug warrants approval after two rejections. Image via Net Doktor.

Later today, a committee of advisors to the Food and Drug Administration will vote on whether or not the agency should approve flibanserin – the much-hyped yet controversial “female Viagra.” However, the drug has already been rejected twice previously by the organization, who cite safety concerns. In the wake of those decisions, battle lines have been drawn between:

  • those who feel the agency is discriminating against the sexual health of women
  • and those who feel the language of sexual equality has been hijacked in an attempt to force an ineffective and unsafe drug on the market.

MedicalNewsToday took a look at both sides of this dramatic debate

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