My name is April Danann, and I am a DES Daughter… however, there is a Rainbow!

Free Birth of Dara, by April Danann

Read; Free Birth of Dara
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My name is April Danann, and I am a DES Daughter. All the usual signs and symptoms including a bout with breast cancer in my early 30′s, multiple miscarriages and bicornate uterus. However, there is a rainbow in all of this – I have learned to take exquisite care of my body, brought it back to good health and have two healthy children (probably a miracle in itself!).

For many years I have refused to ‘take’ any form of drug (kind of gun-shy when it comes to meds, after all that is what caused these problems), choosing instead to treat myself and my family with natural methods, good diet, exercise, herbs and an inner belief in my body’s ability to heal itself.

My greatest achievement has been the free birth of my daughter a few years ago – it’s quite a story, but all down to DES and what we are now told about our bodies. If you would like to have a read about it, I posted the entire birth story on my blog (scroll down past the Food Revolution Article LOL). Perhaps, it will inspire others who are wanting children, trying to get their health back and not getting any answers.

All the very best health to you!
April ”

Read Free Birth of Dara, by April Danann, 2009.

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