Are BPA-free Plastics really safe?

Most Plastic Products release Estrogenic Chemicals…

Are BPA-Free Plastics Really Safe?
Scientists suspect thousands of chemicals may be estrogenically active

BPA is only part of the story. For their study, researchers tested more than 500 BPA-free consumer products for other estrogenically active chemicals and found that 92 % of the products readily leached the potentially hazardous compounds. Leaching was more common when products experienced ordinary stresses like dishwashing, microwaving and exposure to sunlight.

2011 Study Abstract

Chemicals having estrogenic activity (EA) reportedly cause many adverse health effects, especially at low (picomolar to nanomolar) doses in fetal and juvenile mammals.

We sought to determine whether commercially available plastic resins and products, including baby bottles and other products advertised as bisphenol A (BPA) free, release chemicals having EA.

We used a roboticized MCF-7 cell proliferation assay, which is very sensitive, accurate, and repeatable, to quantify the EA of chemicals leached into saline or ethanol extracts of many types of commercially available plastic materials, some exposed to common-use stresses (microwaving, ultraviolet radiation, and/or autoclaving).

Almost all commercially available plastic products we sampled—independent of the type of resin, product, or retail source—leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA, including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products.

Many plastic products are mischaracterized as being EA free if extracted with only one solvent and not exposed to common-use stresses. However, we can identify existing compounds, or have developed, monomers, additives, or processing agents that have no detectable EA and have similar costs. Hence, our data suggest that EA-free plastic products exposed to common-use stresses and extracted by saline and ethanol solvents could be cost-effectively made on a commercial scale and thereby eliminate a potential health risk posed by most currently available plastic products that leach chemicals having EA into food products.

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Does your Dentist avoid Dental Materials containing Bisphenol A?

BPA-Free Dentistry is Possible

BPA Free Dentistry is Possible... Does your Dentist avoid Dental Materials containing Bisphenol A?Three ways BPA can become a part of dental materials:

  1. As a direct component from manufacturing in dental composites or sealants.
  2. As a by product of degrading dental composites or sealants in the mouth.
  3. As a trace material during manufacture of dental materials.

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