Culture of Silence on Sex Hormone link to Cancer

A DES Australia NSW Interview, 2011

Listen to “Culture of Silence on sex hormone link to cancer“ , a Radio Interview about DES featuring Carol Devine and Dr Jules Black, produced by Annamarie Reyes, April 05th, 2011.
A recording published on SoundCloud DES axareness playlist

Read the post DES National Public Education Campaigns
14/05/2011, by DES Daughter.

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Apology overdue to Victims of Miscarriage Drug

A Sept 2002 letter by Carol Devine, DES Action Australia-NSW

Apology overdue to victims of miscarriage drugThe drug company Grunenthal’s ”apology” goes beyond being insulting to all the unfortunate victims of thalidomide –  read Thalidomide maker’s apology ‘insulting’  – This company has set the benchmark in deceitful spin for all future ”apologies” for drug disasters.

Millions of dollars have been paid out by drug companies in US out-of-court settlements to people exposed in the womb to the anti-miscarriage drug DES (diethylstilboestrol). Yet, not one drug company has ever apologised for the DES tragedy. The DES case exposed between 6 million and 12 million people in the US and many thousands outside America, including the estimated 740,000 in Australia. ” a Sept 2002 letter by Carol Devine, DES Action Australia-NSW.

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DES Action Australia-NSW on Twitter

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DES Action Australia-NSW on Twitter
Follow @DESAustraliaNSW on Twitter

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DES Action Australia-NSW is a support and advocacy group for those who know or suspect exposure to the anti-miscarriage drug DES diethylstilboestrol

Website: DES Action Australia-NSW

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DES information available, on FreeTimes

DES Action NSW is a support and advocacy group for those who know or suspect exposure to the DES drug

DES information available –

Big THANK YOU and  Thumbs Up to Carol Devine  for all the work that she does for DES victims.

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Media Ripple Effect needed – from UK to OZ

A ripple effect to reach and activate Australian media is needed…
followed by the Australian “hunt for DES daughters”

DES Action Australia-NSW appeals to all DES affected Australians to contact Australian media, newspapers, radio etc right now to tell them about the attention in US and UK, and the US court victory for DES daughters diagnosed with breast cancer.

The noise made by Jaymi McCann’s report in the Independent on Sunday had been heard as far as in Australia. DES Daughters are crying out for media attention and help in all corners of the globe.

Thanks DES Exposure Australia!

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