Danish Crown withdraws Pork from ICA and Axfood after DES Banned Hormone Findings

Pork tenderloin from Denmark is revoked in Sweden due to diethylstilbestrol findings

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Danish Crown withdraws a batch of pork from the stores of the supermarket chains ICA and axfood. A total of 11.5 tonnes of pork recalled.

A batch of pork recall from several Swedish stores belonging to retail chains ICA and axfood. These are pork with packing 2 June 2014 coming from the slaughterhouse in Sæby, as evidenced by the label authorized marking DK 71 EF. The item has been delivered by the Danish Crown.

Pork tenderloin is sold in packages containing about 550 grams and has the best before date of 30 June. This means that the meat now is either eaten or it is in the freezer at the home of the consumer. Danish Crown urges those who still have product left to return it to the store to get a refund.

All, there are about 11,504 pounds of pork fat that is withdrawn.

This is done since the hormone substance diethylstilbestrol (DES) has been found in a pig slaughtered at Danish Crown’s pig slaughterhouse in Sæby. After that discovery, Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish equivalent of the NFA, a control visit to the current swine herd. During this check, there was nothing that indicated that the banned substances had been used in the herd, suggesting that their findings may be due to an impurity.

In Denmark oversees the state veterinary control and companies carefully the entire production through the effective and fine-mesh control. There are very small amounts of the hormone substance has been identified, but there is zero tolerance for hormonal substances in fattening and after discussions with food authorities, Danish Crown therefore decided to withdraw the products from the packing date in question. ”


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