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Take a minute to write a review of DES Action USA.

Take a minute to write a review of DES Action USA

Please take a minute to write a review of DES Action USA. They now have 80+ reviews, named 2012 Top Rated Organization.

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The Pump Handle: Public Health Classic: DES Daughters

Public Health Classic: DES Daughters
The Pump Handle

DES Daughters” post is part of  The Pump Handle’s new “Public Health Classics” series exploring some of the classic studies and reports that have shaped the field of public health.

Includes a well deserved recognition for DES Action USA who has been around to support DES victims in the States for four decades. Please support their work!

Team DES Action USA

Non-profit consumer org providing health information for DES-exposed individuals


The mission of DES Action USA is to identify, educate, provide support to, and advocate for DES-exposed individuals as well as educate health care professionals.

Company Overview

DES Action USADES Action USA is the only national, non-profit organization for those who were exposed to DES. They provide education, and advocate for continued research into the health concerns of DES Mothers, DES Daughters, DES Sons and now DES Grandchildren. They have about 2,000 members and hope you consider joining to support their work. Those of us in the DES community must take care of ourselves because no one else will do it for us!


An estimated 5-10 million Americans were exposed to the “anti-miscarriage” drug diethylstilbestrol (DES). It has tragically caused cancers, infertility and other health problems.

Contact info

Phone +1 800-337-9288

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