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Technorati (with name coming from “Technology” and “Literati” – technological literature intelligence) is an Internet search engine for searching blogs and/or posts by tag or keyword. In addition to this, each of Technorati channels have a variety of feature columns that cover specific niches of the blogosphere and news.

DES Awareness on Technorati

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DES on Technorati

Our two blogs have been accepted:

DES Daughter on Blog Catalog

BC is a blogger only social network and blog directory. BlogCatalog purpose is to help bloggers connect, share ideas, and grow through group and general discussions. BC also provides a variety of tools, features, and widgets to help bloggers. Blog sites are listed by category and can also be searched. Five are selected as top weblogs, along with a spotlight weblog.

DES Awareness on BlogCatalog

Thanks to BC admins Theresa and Angie, our three blogs have been accepted into BlogCatalogBringing Bloggers and Readers Together“.

Find the Top Women's Health Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory
Let’s hope that BC fantastic resource
for bloggers and blog readers alike will
help us spread the word about the DES
health issues even more.