UK new NHS Reforms: do we want Doctors to make Money from their Prescriptions?

As new NHS reforms turn GPs into businessmen, one doctor asks... do you really want them to profit from the pills they prescribe?  Read more:  Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook” We all assume that doctors choose treatments based on what’s best for us. But would you feel nervous if you knew that your doctor stood to make money from the treatments they recommend?

Read As new NHS reforms turn GPs into businessmen, one doctor asks… do you really want them to profit from the pills they prescribe? by Ben Goldacre

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Three wise Monkeys dressed up as Doctors dramatically looking at us

Three wise monkeys dressed up as doctors dramatically looking at us
© Alberto Sebastiani..

Read Wanted: DES Aware Doctors.

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You’ve been exposed to DES in-utero, so what?

My DES Daughter journey: UK doctors

My DES Daughter Journey – DoctorsI read with interest your letter… This certainly raises the possibility that you have an abnormally shaped womb… This condition is in no way dangerous to your health… It is possible that this abnormality contributed to your recent miscarriage but it is equally possible that the problem was related to some developmental disturbance in the pregnancy itself… Before advising any treatment for this suspected abnormality I think we would need much more concrete evidence that it is contributing to miscarriage… ”

Read My DES Daughter Journey – Doctors.

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Big Pharma and Drugs: can we trust Doctors and Pharmaceutical Companies?

The drugs to be careful of are many

Can We Trust The Doctors And Pharmaceutical Companies?” … simply writing prescriptions is not what it means to be a doctor …”

Check out the list of drugs which were passed as safe for human consumption on the back of animal tests and the damage which they subsequently caused. Shocking!

Shenali Waduge covers:

  • How the Pharmacy business started
  • Pharmaceutical Frauds
  • Be Aware of These Drugs
  • Fake Drugs
  • Kickbacks to Doctors
  • Curing AIDS and Cancers

Read: Can We Trust The Doctors And Pharmaceutical Companies?, by Shenali Waduge, 08 July, 2012.

Bad Pharma

Ben Goldacre puts the $600bn global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope

How drug companies mislead doctors and harm patients

Bad Pharma by Ben Goldacre on Flickr

Book Description

From : ” Ben Goldacre puts the $600bn global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope. What he reveals is a fascinating, terrifying mess.

Doctors and patients need good scientific evidence to make informed decisions. But instead, companies run bad trials on their own drugs, which distort and exaggerate the benefits by design. When these trials produce unflattering results, the data is simply buried. All of this is perfectly legal. In fact, even government regulators withhold vitally important data from the people who need it most. Doctors and patient groups have stood by too, and failed to protect us. Instead, they take money and favours, in a world so fractured that medics and nurses are now educated by the drugs industry. Patients are harmed in huge numbers.

Ben Goldacre is Britain’s finest writer on the science behind medicine, and ‘Bad Pharma’ is a clear and witty attack, showing exactly how the science has been distorted, how our systems have been broken, and how easy it would be to fix them. ”

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What about DES, the FDA and Eli Lilly?
It is Time for Actions: did you SIGN THE PETITION ?

Will the US Sunshine Law help track Ties between Doctors and Drug Companies in America?

More transparency on doctors’ lucrative industry ties?

New efforts to reveal the ties between doctors and drug firmsThis month American regulators released rules to implement a so-called Sunshine law designed to improve transparency. France passed a similar law in 2011. Firms in Britain are planning voluntary disclosures. By 2015 more than 70% of drug sales will be in countries with such measures, according to Deloitte, a consultancy. ”

Read New efforts to reveal the ties between doctors and drug firmsLet the sunshine in, Mar 2nd 2013.

Majority of Doctors support limited Access only to our own Electronic Records

Doctors are not in favour of full transparency

Read Majority of doctors opposed to full access to your own electronic records by Ken FisherA recent survey … reveals that doctors aren’t big fans of full transparency… 65 percent, supported “limited access,” … 4 percent believe there should be no access granted to patients… despite the fact that we have rights to review and amend our records, doctors don’t want it to be easy for us to do so via electronic means…

Read Majority of doctors opposed to full access to your own electronic records by Ken Fisher

Probably what Doctors would prescribe more often if not pressured by Pharmaceutical Companies

We know it and still ignore it…

Probably what doctors would prescribe more often if not pressured by pharmaceutical companies ...

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A DES Daughter Story shared by Marci @Midlife2Wife, a Blogger’s Journey through #Cancer…

A DES Daughter story shared by Marci, a Writer and Media Relations Professional...

I never blamed my mother for what happened to me. Any blame to go around – and there was plenty – should have been distributed among the long parade of doctors who misdiagnosed me at every turn.

Read My Right Eye: A Blogger’s Journey Through Cancer – Part 8

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