Wormwood Herb – Artemisinin: a Cancer Smart Bomb

A Chinese herb that is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in cancer treatment

Wormwood is a Chinese herb that is thousands of years old that has applications for malaria and the treatment of cancer. It is safe, easy to use, affordable, and has great promise in the treatment of cancer. Video by DoctorSaputo, published on 26 Jul 2011.

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  • There are three forms of wormwood extract: artemisinin, artsunate, and artemether. It can be given either orally or by rectal suppository and should be pulsed with several days on and several off if taken by mouth because of intestinal tolerance. It is non-toxic and has been used on over 4000 patients without problems.
  • Artemisinin: A Cancer Smart Bomb, doctorsaputo, 04/26/2014.
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Why Mammograms should not be used for Breast Cancer Screening

Video by Dr Saputo, Feb 2014

The conclusion of a 25 year prospective study published in the British Medical Journal in February of 2014 was that screening mammograms not only do not save lives but also lead to a 22% over-diagnosis that leads to unnecessary testing and treatment in women between the ages of 50 and 69.
Video by DoctorSaputo, published on 24 Feb 2014.

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